Our Management Team

Sonny Fong

Sonny has a proven track record in the Pharmaceutical, over-the-counter Health & Wellness consumer packaged goods (CPGs), and Natural Health Products (NHPs) industries. In his 25 years career, he coordinated full development and commercialization programs of two pharmaceuticals, over 200+ CPGs and NHPs. He established two GMP manufacturing and packaging facilities from the ground up, managed budgets in excess of $300 million US dollars, human resources of more than 150+ professionals and third-party contractors, and a marketing plan which included 22 countries.

Email: sonny.fong@cannahive.ca

Jonathane Seguin

A self-taught entrepreneur and forward-thinker, Jonathane’s far-reaching business career spans everything from construction and real estate to coffee distribution. He has been consulting the cannabis industry since the first medical cannabis growers emerged in 1997. Over these two decades, his forward-thinking approach to doing business has awarded him a vast network of specialists and manufacturers who all share his passion for innovation. In the wake of the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, Jonathane founded Cannathrive Consulting in 2017. The firm offers expert advice, licensing and B2B brokerage services to licensed producers in Canada and other cannabis industry players globally.

Email: jon.seguin@cannahive.ca

Thierry Gervais

Thierry is a senior consultant in organizational development. A seasoned expert in productivity and reliability problems, well versed in governmental affairs, he designs operational risk management plans, advises leaders and coaches executive managers. For more than 25 years, his original approach, supported by cognitive ergonomics, has allowed him to deliver the best integrated solutions to adapt structures, corporate cultures, procedures and work practices in high stakes and heavily regulated industries such as aviation – marine – defence – health, as well as in the banking sector and public administration. He has taken on the challenge of supporting changes in the cannabis industry as of 2019.

Email: thierry.gervais@cannahive.ca

Scott Walker

Scott Walker is a senior management consultant in business start-ups, corporate management, government relations, and business development. He has experience in the Government, Health and Science, Defence, Information Technology, Finance, and Services sectors. He spent over 25 years in Ottawa as a lobbyist and consultant to the Canadian Federal Government, International Governments and Fortune 1000 Corporations. Since 2012, Scott has helped over a dozen medical and recreational Cannabis businesses secure capital, licensing and strategic partnerships in Canada, USA, Colombia, Australia, Germany and elsewhere globally. Scott co-founded the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (now Cannabis Canada Association).

Email: scott.walker@cannahive.ca

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